Stubble Soft Shave Prep


The first step of the ultimate shave experience.

Griff’s Stubble Soft Shave Prep is a cleansing, stimulating and softening preshave oil made from chill mint, tea tree and argan Essent-Oils to penetrate and clean pores, soften stubble and make the skin more pliable. Our proprietary blend of Essent-Oils are also rich in anti-oxidants, while creating an additional layer of protection between the razor and skin. All of this combined calls your beard to attention while waiting for your razor’s command. But without that razor burn feeling.

  • Softens facial hair while lubricating and conditions skin and facial hair to provide protection against razor burn
  • Promotes healthy skin and facial hair. Rich in anti-oxidants and vitamins.
  • All natural essential oil blend naturally opens and cleans pores. Tea tree and chill mint oils serve as natural antiseptic.


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