Grit Matte Fibre


Beeswax doesn’t come from a science lab, manufacturer or made inside a cloaked room in a top secret R&D center. It comes from the real source. Which is precisely why we use beeswax as the main ingredient in our Griff’s Grit Matte Fiber Paste. And since bees are one of natures smartest creatures, we thought it would be smart to use their homemade goodness to bring you the best hold and optimal performance available for a natural looking hold. Our pomade is crafted from water based formula and beeswax to offer up a great styling product that leaves a pliable, matte finish. Medium hold with minimum weight. Washes out easily while naturally refusing to clog pores. And if you’re wondering exactly where we find our bees for this attractive, honey substance: none of your beeswax.

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